Sarah Toumi Acacias for All: Empowering Communities through Reforestation

What is Sarah Toumi Acacias for All?

Sarah Toumi Acacias for All is a non-profit organization that aims to address the problems of desertification, biodiversity loss, and climate change in arid regions through reforestation and the involvement of local communities. Founded by Sarah Toumi, a Franco-Tunisian social entrepreneur and environmental activist, the organization has implemented several successful projects in Tunisia and other African countries, such as Burkina Faso and Senegal.

Statistics on Sarah Toumi Acacias for All

  • Over 1 million trees planted since 2011
  • 240,000 hectares of degraded land restored
  • 40,000 members of local communities engaged through education, training, and income-generating activities
  • Positive impact on soil fertility, water availability, and biodiversity

How does Sarah Toumi Acacias for All work?

Sarah Toumi Acacias for All follows a participatory approach to reforestation, which involves the active involvement of local communities in all stages of the project. The organization first assesses the needs and resources of the community, including the availability of land, water, and labor, as well as the types of trees and crops that are most suitable for the local ecosystem and market. Then, the organization provides technical and financial support to enable the community to plant and maintain the trees, as well as to develop income-generating activities that utilize the forest resources sustainably.

The organization also emphasizes the importance of education and awareness-raising, particularly among women and youth, who are often marginalized in rural areas. Sarah Toumi Acacias for All provides training on topics such as agroforestry, soil conservation, and climate resilience, as well as on life skills and entrepreneurship. By empowering local communities, the organization aims to create a lasting impact on the environment and the people’s livelihoods.

Success stories of Sarah Toumi Acacias for All

One of the most notable success stories of Sarah Toumi Acacias for All is the project in the Sidi Bouzid region of Tunisia, where the organization planted over 400,000 acacia trees on 800 hectares of degraded land. The project not only restored the ecosystem but also created new opportunities for the local communities, such as beekeeping, honey production, and ecotourism. The organization also helped to improve the access of women to education and health services, and to promote their roles in decision-making and leadership.

Another successful project of the organization is the Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD) initiative, which aims to empower women and girls in Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania, and to reduce maternal and child mortality. Sarah Toumi Acacias for All is one of the partners of SWEDD, providing technical and financial assistance to the local communities to plant fruit trees and fodder shrubs, and to develop small businesses such as soap-making and poultry farming. The project has already reached over 100,000 women and girls, and has contributed to the improvement of their health, nutrition, and income.


Sarah Toumi Acacias for All is a shining example of how environmental conservation and social development can go hand in hand, and how local communities can be the main actors of change. By planting trees, restoring degraded land, and promoting sustainable livelihoods, the organization has made a significant contribution to the fight against desertification and climate change, while empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. If more organizations and governments adopted the participatory and holistic approach of Sarah Toumi Acacias for All, the world could be a greener and fairer place for all.


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