Who is Lehana Thabane?

Lehana Thabane is a political figure and former Prime Minister of Lesotho. He served as the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho from June 16, 2017, to May 20, 2020. His tenure as the Prime Minister was full of controversies and political unrest.

Controversies during His Tenure

During his tenure as the Prime Minister, Lesotho experienced political instability and controversies.

  • In 2017, his estranged wife was shot in what was believed to be a politically motivated killing.
  • In 2019, he was accused of having a hand in the murder of his previous wife. He denied the allegations.
  • His government was accused of corruption and mismanagement of funds.

Lehana Thabane and Politics

Lehana Thabane has been active in the political scene of Lesotho for several decades. He joined the Basutoland Congress Party in 1963, and he was instrumental in its conversion into the Basutoland National Party in 1965. He served in various capacities in the government, including as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

After losing his seat in Parliament in 2012, he formed his political party, the All Basotho Convention, in 2006. In 2012, his party formed a coalition government with other parties, and he became the second deputy prime minister.


Lehana Thabane is a political figure who has had a long and tumultuous career in politics. His tenure as Prime Minister was marked by controversy and political instability. Despite this, he remains a significant figure in the political landscape of Lesotho.


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