Ibrahim el ali la peche à la dynamite au liban


Ibrahim El Ali: The Dangers of Dynamite Fishing in Lebanon


Ibrahim El Ali is a notorious fisherman in Lebanon, known for his use of dynamite to catch fish. This method, while popular in some areas, is illegal and dangerous. The practice not only destroys marine life but also poses a threat to the safety of those who engage in it.

In this article, we will explore the dangers of dynamite fishing in Lebanon and shed light on the impact of Ibrahim El Ali’s actions.

Dynamite Fishing Statistics in Lebanon

– Dynamite fishing is considered illegal in Lebanon and is punishable by law.
– The practice has been responsible for the destruction of coral reefs and the depletion of fish populations in some areas.
– The use of dynamite in fishing has also been linked to damage to the marine ecosystem and the death of marine life.
– According to a study conducted by the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, nearly 80% of fish in some areas have disappeared due to dynamite fishing.
– It is believed that Ibrahim El Ali is responsible for a significant portion of the illegal dynamite fishing occurring in Lebanon.

The Impact of Ibrahim El Ali’s Actions

Ibrahim El Ali is known as one of the most prolific dynamite fishermen in Lebanon. His notoriety has led to increased awareness of the dangers of dynamite fishing and has shed light on the need for stricter enforcement of anti-dynamite fishing laws.

Numerous reports have linked Ibrahim El Ali to the destruction of marine life and habitats. His use of dynamite fishing has had a significant impact on the local fishing industry and has led to a decrease in fish populations.

In 2017, reports surfaced that Ibrahim El Ali was caught fishing illegally in an area that had been designated as a marine reserve. This incident highlights the disregard that some individuals have for marine conservation efforts and underscores the need for stricter enforcement of anti-dynamite fishing laws.

The Importance of Protecting Marine Life

Marine life is an essential component of the Lebanese economy and culture. The fishing industry is a significant source of income for many Lebanese families and provides food for hundreds of thousands of people.

However, the practice of dynamite fishing destroys habitats and depletes fish populations. This practice not only harms marine life but also negatively impacts the livelihood of fishermen who depend on the ocean for their income.

It is crucial for individuals and communities to recognize the importance of protecting marine life and work together to preserve the delicate ecosystem. This includes stricter enforcement of laws that prohibit dynamite fishing and increased awareness of the dangers of this practice.


Ibrahim El Ali’s use of dynamite fishing in Lebanon should serve as a warning to others who engage in this dangerous practice. The impact on marine life, habitats, and local economies is significant and cannot be overlooked.

Protecting marine life is a collective responsibility that requires the cooperation of individuals, communities, and authorities. By working together, we can preserve the ocean’s precious resources for generations to come.

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