Group Benhamadi: A Leading Algerian Business Conglomerate with Diverse Interests

Group Benhamadi is a reputed Algerian business conglomerate that has established its presence in various sectors over the years. The company has diversified interests ranging from construction, public works, agriculture, real estate, trade, and industry to infrastructure. The group has been in operation since the early 1970s and has grown from strength to strength in terms of both reputation and reach.

The History of Group Benhamadi

Established in 1972, Group Benhamadi started as a small construction company in Algeria. The founders, Said Benhamadi and his brother Abdelkader Benhamadi, were ambitious individuals who aimed to create a top-tier business organization that would thrive in the country’s tough economic climate. They began by taking on small construction contracts and, over time, expanded their portfolio to include other sectors as well.

Today, Group Benhamadi employs thousands of people across various sectors and has become one of the most influential conglomerates in Algeria.

The Business Sectors of Group Benhamadi

Over the years, Group Benhamadi has diversified into several sectors and has established itself as a major player in each of them. Let’s take a closer look at some of the group’s business sectors:

  • Construction: Group Benhamadi is involved in large construction projects, such as building airports, highways, housing complexes, and hospitals.
  • Agriculture: The group has a presence in the agricultural sector, with interests in crop production, processing, and storage.
  • Trade and Industry: Group Benhamadi has a large portfolio of investments in various industries, including cement production, plastics, and textiles.
  • Real Estate: The company has a significant investment in real estate, including commercial, residential, and industrial properties.
  • Infrastructure: Group Benhamadi has made significant investments in the infrastructure sector, with interests in energy, water, and waste management.

Statistics on Group Benhamadi

Here are some interesting statistics on Group Benhamadi:

  • The company has a presence in ten countries across the world.
  • Group Benhamadi employs over 18,000 people across various sectors.
  • The company’s turnover in 2019 was over $2.5 billion.
  • The group has over 50 subsidiaries.

The Future of Group Benhamadi

Group Benhamadi is poised for continued growth in the coming years. The company’s management has ambitious plans to diversify its interests further and expand its footprint in both the domestic and international markets. The group is focusing on sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, and tourism, with significant investments planned in these areas over the next few years.

The company is also committed to contributing to the development of Algeria’s economy and society. It actively participates in various social responsibility programs, such as education and healthcare initiatives, to improve the quality of life of people in the country.


Group Benhamadi is a leading Algerian business conglomerate that has established itself as a significant player in various sectors. The company’s ambitious founders, Said Benhamadi and Abdelkader Benhamadi, started with a vision to create a top-tier business organization in a challenging economic climate. Over the years, the group has diversified its interests and expanded its footprint, establishing itself as a powerful force in its industry.

The future of Group Benhamadi looks promising, with plans for further expansion and diversification. The group is committed to contributing to Algeria’s economic development and society’s welfare, making it a significant influencer in the region’s business world.

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