Who is Franck Biya?

Franck Biya is the eldest son of Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon.


Franck Biya was born in Cameroon on July 20, 1972. He spent most of his early years in Cameroon and received his primary, secondary and college education in his home country. He started his tertiary education at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon and later transferred to Sorbonne University in France, where he studied Law.

After completing his studies, Franck Biya returned to Cameroon, where he worked in various capacities in the government. He was appointed as the Director of the National Security Council and later served as a Special Adviser to the Minister of Defense. In 2001, he established his own company, Franck Energy, which specializes in renewable energy solutions.

Statistics on Franck Biya:

  • Net worth of $200 million (Forbes, 2020).
  • Founder of Franck Energy, a renewable energy company that operates in Cameroon, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Has been described as one of the richest and most powerful people in Cameroon.


Franck Biya has been involved in several controversies over the years. One of the most notable controversies was in 2008 when his company, Franck Energy, was accused of not paying its taxes. The company was also accused of not paying its workers, and there were reports of poor working conditions in the company’s factories.

In 2012, Franck Biya was accused of being involved in an illegal logging operation in Cameroon. The operation was carried out in a protected forest, and it was alleged that Franck Biya’s company was responsible for the destruction of the forest.


Franck Biya is a well-known figure in Cameroon, and his company, Franck Energy, has played a significant role in promoting renewable energy solutions in the country. However, his involvement in controversies over the years has led to questions about his business practices and ethics. As Franck Biya continues to be a powerful figure in Cameroon, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to address these issues and improve his reputation.


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