Mesfin Tasew Bekele

Mesfin Tasew Bekele: A Closer Look at His Achievements

Who is Mesfin Tasew Bekele?

Mesfin Tasew Bekele is an Ethiopian long-distance runner born on June 17, 1986, in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. He is known for his outstanding performance in long-distance running events and has represented Ethiopia in various international competitions.

Mesfin Tasew Bekele’s Achievements

  • 2012 African Championships in Athletics – Gold Medal in 10,000 meters
  • 2014 African Championships in Athletics – Silver Medal in 5,000 meters
  • 2014 Commonwealth Games – Bronze Medal in 10,000 meters
  • 2014 IAAF Continental Cup – Gold Medal in 10,000 meters representing Africa
  • 2015 World Championships in Athletics – Bronze Medal in 10,000 meters
  • 2016 African Championships in Athletics – Gold Medal in 10,000 meters
  • 2016 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships – Silver Medal
  • 2016 Great Ethiopian Run – 1st Place
  • 2017 London Marathon – 5th Place (Personal Best)
  • 2017 Great Ethiopian Run – 1st Place

As of August 2021, his personal best times are:

  • 5,000 meters – 13:11.07
  • 10,000 meters – 27:06.95
  • Half marathon – 59:22
  • Marathon – 2:04:59

Mesfin Tasew Bekele is also a multiple regional champion, having won various titles in Ethiopia and East Africa.

Mesfin Tasew Bekele’s Training and Career

Mesfin Tasew Bekele started his professional running career in 2011 after finishing his studies. Since then, he has been training in Ethiopia, under the guidance of renowned coach Gemedu Dedefo. Bekele’s training routine involves a combination of long runs, speed work, tempo runs, and hill training.

Bekele is known for his endurance and his ability to maintain a steady pace throughout the race. He often takes the lead in the latter stages of the race and has a potent finishing kick. Bekele made his marathon debut in the 2017 Dubai Marathon, finishing fifth in a time of 2:06:46.

The Legacy of Mesfin Tasew Bekele

Mesfin Tasew Bekele is one of the most prominent Ethiopian long-distance runners of his generation. He has won several titles and medals in various international competitions, making him a celebrated athlete in his country and beyond. His achievements have also inspired many young Ethiopians to pursue long-distance running and follow in his footsteps.

Aside from his athletic achievements, Bekele is also involved in various philanthropic and community projects in Ethiopia. He has used his influence to support educational initiatives, health programs, and environmental conservation efforts.

With his talent, dedication, and philanthropy, Mesfin Tasew Bekele is a true role model and an inspiration to many.


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