Jokkolabs Karim Sy

Who is Karim Sy of Jokkolabs?


Jokkolabs is a collaborative working space that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. Karim Sy is the founder and CEO of Jokkolabs, a social entrepreneur who has played a significant role in bringing innovative minds together in the region. Karim Sy’s vision of creating a hub for local entrepreneurs and businesses has become a reality, and his achievements are starting to shape the digital industry in Africa.

History of Jokkolabs

Jokkolabs was started by Karim Sy in 2010. At the time, he was working as a consultant in Europe and saw an opportunity to create a space for collaboration and innovation in Africa. He began with a small space in Dakar, Senegal, and has since expanded Jokkolabs to other African countries, including Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, and Cameroon. Jokkolabs has been successful in bringing together a diverse group of people, from tech entrepreneurs to social activists, to collaborate and create innovative solutions to local problems.

Statistics on Jokkolabs Karim Sy

  • Founded Jokkolabs in 2010
  • Expanded Jokkolabs to other African countries
  • Jokkolabs has hosted over 500 events
  • Jokkolabs has over 1500 members
  • Jokkolabs has been involved in over 50 projects

Contributions of Jokkolabs to African Tech Scene

Jokkolabs has played a significant role in the development of the tech industry in Africa. Karim Sy’s vision of creating a collaborative space for entrepreneurs and innovators to share their ideas has been instrumental in the growth of the industry. Jokkolabs has been the birthplace of several startups that have gone on to become successful companies. Jokkolabs has brought together experts from various fields to mentor young entrepreneurs to incubate their ideas and provide them access to resources that they otherwise may not have had.

Karim Sy’s Vision for the Future

Karim Sy’s vision for Jokkolabs is ambitious. He sees Jokkolabs as a driving force behind the development of the African tech industry. His goal is to expand Jokkolabs to other African countries and establish partnerships with other businesses and organizations. He believes that by doing so, Jokkolabs can create an environment where entrepreneurs can develop solutions to local problems and stimulate economic growth across the continent.


Jokkolabs Karim Sy has shown that entrepreneurship and innovation can thrive in Africa. Through the creation of Jokkolabs, he has brought together people from different backgrounds and provided them with a platform to collaborate and develop their ideas. His vision has created opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and change their communities. Jokkolabs has become a driving force behind the development of the tech industry in Africa, and Karim Sy’s contributions to the field can’t be overlooked.


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