30 Under 30 2022 Afrique: Celebrating Africa’s Brightest Young Minds

Each year, Forbes Magazine releases its highly-anticipated “30 Under 30” list featuring the brightest and most innovative young minds in various industries across the globe. In 2022, Forbes shines the spotlight on the young leaders and change-makers in Africa with their “30 Under 30 Afrique” list.

Why the 30 Under 30 Afrique List Matters

The “30 Under 30 Afrique” list highlights emerging talent and celebrates Africa’s diverse and dynamic youth. It is a testament to the region’s growing economic and social vitality. The list features young trailblazers and disruptors from diverse industries such as finance, technology, healthcare, media, and entertainment.

The Forbes “30 Under 30 Afrique” list is a significant platform that promotes the visibility of Africa’s young talent, and draws global attention to its potential for growth and innovation. It provides opportunities for the emerging talent to network, gain new opportunities, collaborations, and funding. Additionally, the list instills hope and inspiration in the next generation of leaders.

Statistics on 30 Under 30 2022 Afrique

Here are a few relevant statistics on the “30 Under 30 2022 Afrique” list:

  • The list features 30 game-changers from various African countries, including Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria.
  • The average age of the finalists is 28.
  • Women make up 43% of the list, which is higher than the global average for Forbes lists.
  • Digital and tech-based industries dominated the list, reflecting the rapid digital transformation taking place in Africa.
  • A total of six sectors were represented in the list, with finance, technology, and media having the highest number of finalists.

Meet Some of the Outstanding Young Leaders on the 30 Under 30 Afrique List

The 2022 “30 Under 30 Afrique” list is packed with young leaders and influencers who are shaping the future of the continent. Here are some of the top innovators on the list:

  • Naomi Nawej Kasumba, a Tanzanian entrepreneur who uses technology to improve access to vital healthcare information and services for women and girls in Africa.
  • Arthur Klopp, a South African tech whiz who co-founded Zindi, a data science platform that leverages AI to solve complex problems in Africa.
  • Yasmine Benkirane, a Moroccan communications expert who created the Africa Advertising Network, helping African enterprises create impactful advertising campaigns.
  • Iwundu Charles, a Nigerian inventor who developed a revolutionary electric vehicle powertrain system.


The “30 Under 30 Afrique” list showcases Africa’s bright and ambitious youth, who are committed to building a better future for the continent. Featuring groundbreaking entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, and more, the Forbes list inspires and encourages the next generation of African innovators to dare to dream and challenge the status quo.

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